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Usage of “to both of whom”

both OED With a plural pronoun (denoting the members of a pair). Immediately following (or in early use preceding) a subject or object pronoun. Also in both which. Cf. sense C. 3, and both of us, both of whom, etc., at sense To use to whom both in your to whom
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Her sons, both of whom work abroad, ring her up every week. 她的兩個兒子,都在國外工作,他們每周都給她打電話來。 We’ve tested three hundred types of boot, none of which is completely waterproof. 我們已經測試過 300 種靴子,沒有一種是完全防水的。
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2.凡是of whom或of which修飾定語從句中的主語,是表示同位關系的代詞both,all等時,切不可用whose。 I have two sons,both of whom serve in the army.我有兩個兒子,都在部隊服役。


注意:第一個句子 Both 前面是個句號(.),而第二個句子 both 前面是個逗號(,)。 Mike 有兩個哥哥,他們兩人都為政府工作。 Mike has two brothers, both of them work for the government. Mike has two brothers, both of whom work for the government.


2.凡是of whom或of which修飾定語從句中的主語,是表示同位關系的代詞both,all等時,切不可用whose。 I have two sons,both of whom serve in the army.我有兩個兒子,都在部隊服役。

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Both of them與 They borh相同嗎 2016-11-25 both of them翻譯 2017-10-28 both them還是both of them?為什么? 2017-10-20 both of them ; either of them; none of them; neither of them; 的區別和用法 2016-12-05 both of them與both of whom 2017-10-12

whose, of whom與of which用法解析

The old man has three children, two of whom are college students and one of whom is a manager. 那個老人有三個小孩,其中兩個是大學生,另一個是經理。(3) 定語從句的主語是all, none, both, neither, each等不定代詞時,一般只用of whom和of which。如:
Of Which / Of Whom / Whose
Relative clauses grammar– Of Whom / Of Which / Of Whose with examples and exercises Of Which vs Of Whom 1. We can use a non-defining relative clause with “of which” and “of whom” after quantifiers: All, both, each, many, most, neither, none, part, some


定語從句中的who和whom叫做關系代詞。其中who在定語從句中充當主語,whom充當賓語。但注意:who可以代替whom作賓語,但whom 不可代替who做主語。The man who is standing there is my teacher. The man who/whom you saw just now is my teacher.
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如果不知道對方的名字,以往美國人多用To Whom It May Concern,英國人愛用Dear Sir/Madam,但這兩種用法現都不流行了,它們聽起來就像中文信裡的「敬啟者」,既制式又老套。假如不知道對方名字,也盡可能用對方職稱,例如: Dear Hiring Manager,
whom就是這樣一個詞,在日常交流中,大家已經習慣用who,幾乎完全遺忘whom了。那么who和whom有沒有區別呢?在前面說的那些正式場合該怎么選擇?who和whom的區別和he和him的區別是一樣: who 可以理解為主格,做主語;whom 可以理解為賓格,做
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whom allebei both beide {pron} both beiden {pron} both [persons] zowel als {conj} both and zeg. iets niet onder stoelen of banken steken to make no secret of sth. of {conj} or of {conj} whether uit {prep} of spellen harten-{adj} of hearts spellen klaveren-{adj} of
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